Thursday, 20 February 2014


WOM@TT is regrouping and will be doing some more promotions later this year celebrating UK/London based African, Caribbean and Latin musicians. Recipients of WOM@TT's Best of British Awards still cherish them and use them as an important lever in their profiles. Maybe more will receive them!

Recently WOM@TT promoted/hosted a remarkable event entitled Butterfly Healing - in Honour of Maya. An amazing and wonderful array of some of the finest, most highly respected and original African musicians assembled to honour Maya and to encourage, bless and help strengthen her family.

The event was in the name of Maya Nsansi Amy Bitendi Golt, the younger daughter of WOM@TT's Debbie Golt and Nsimba Foggis the soukous maestro founder of Taxi Pata Pata, who passed away in September 2013 after a year of dealing with aggressive cancer matters. Maya loved music and could immediately sing back any song she heard flawlessly.

Michael - the Dood - Edwards has written a very evocative and finely tuned review/account of the event for UK Vibe and you can read it here!  

The family would like to thank all the musicians and organisers of the event. It was so powerful and heartening and generous.

More news soon

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